These are sample poetry writings of Geopoet.

A Dreamer's Wild Imagination 

It was as if a quick withdraw:
A nice fitting, a nice candle glow,
Lighted up a way in darkness shines
Foretold no beginning, nor sparkled lines.

It was as if a quick withdraw:
A bad setting, a subtle candle glow,
Wound up a wind in stormy climes
Danced no signalling, nor wiggled ensigns!

It was as if a quick stroke I ever knew:
Like lines of marching stags cling no view,
Subtlety cracked each nerve on chandelier’s eyes
How beauty’ve drawn a rared blown spice.

It was as if a hundred miles away:
A simple wish, a dream in one lighted view,
I’ve walked alone in stormy weather casts
All I found is me climbing a mountain last.

I’ve swam a beating of waters’ wonder road,
A mile or two is far-reaching struggle, cramps a load
Twitched in pain, gasping a last breathe anew
Hold no lines, immersing up and down in water’s flow.

But stilled as a wind surfing a high frenzied walk
One who’s been amazing, clinging a father’s talk;
I’ve woke up refreshed from a dirty water’s slay
Now I live anew, a life of fullness, great and happy!

A Tune of a Breaking Heart 

Why is the wind timidly blow this day
that flowers are mantled by the clouds?
Why is the sun shines late its normal track
that days’r emptied by dawning light knocks;
For the cacophony of silence tear all walls
that even rocks torned like paper packs?

Why is the storm timidly ran berserk this time
that floods are walled by tiny bits of rains?
Why is the earthquake dance with the moon
that nights’r singing out clouds in gentle breeze;
For the clanging cymbal of woes torned to fore
that even the softest spot of heart burst to core?

How pains’d flow within streams of clattered spots
as joy is rare and happiness deluded every past?
Oh how gentle care is every hand with eyes aglow,
Only dream writes a brittle-dot of sleeping dew,
melting like snow by wind, raining when hiatus grow,
A tune of a breaking heart slides a slip as in tow!

Oh breaks of pain now gently overcome this piece
as this bard draw every scene when dark clouds nix;
With hopes that afflictions wouldn’t carry what he felt
to the Woman he loved much more than a snow flakes,
A simple heart that captures in slippery lanes shakes,
Only a miracle can meet us of time when dawn breaks!

Foolish Imagination Cankers 

A subtle mind can swim beyond the clouds
Where foolish imagination can crawl;
As the fingers played with the tuning ember
Luck was a play of words.

I swim beyond every air in the space
Holding the bountiful harvest lay;
Swinging my strength in each blow
Until I finally reach at hand a lace.

I just wondered how chances play
When a symphony is sung among lines;
And the wind will court a flimsy stag
Run out of direction where bird slay!

So foolish am I, yes, I was
Seeking something out of nothing;
Opening every door in sheltered agony
Closing one of the lucky chances pass.

Ah, foolish imagination yes, it is...
What others can’t see, I do hold in bay
Carefully crafting a single blow towards aim
As I kneel in pain and curling up my knees.

Is man a subtle being in immutation?
Or is it like a clasped hand, a clay formed
By the mark of its own choices bloom
So far of its chartered journey in perdition?

I ask my own, and found my own fooled view
No seeking is needed nor finding every find;
So profusely I have clad my own iniquities
As my subtle being reminiscing a painful blow!

Foolish whims always canker purity
Catching the heart in disarray;
Adjulating one in every inch I seek
It turned out to be worthless impropriety.  

The Lighthouse 

Stormy wind and stormy nights
blending the days destroying amber;
Hurting every bit of squawls
squeezing every swirling waves
as the sea mounted an advance
this simple light beyond
invites my stead to go near hand.
I swing every strength
courted every minute's swell
maneuvering every splurting water
above and even underneath
as I swam to a tiny lead I see.
Oh inspiration swell in desperation
as I hang out from a blowing twirl
my last breathe cut off temporarily
going beyond it till a hand clasp's felt,
caught me off my deep blue sea.
Oh lighthouse, yes, it's you I remember!
Your light have swam a million miles
reaching out a berthing of life;
Your hands cling a respite, my last breath,
as you gave me life beyond
my desperate swirling deathly reach. 

Blank Sensation 

The tiny dots about the shorelines
paddles a penny bundle that bind;
it's delightful substance creeping to lay
and the bottom was wide like black clay.
The moving sinews wind a clasping
twirled sea-hair white caps blending;
As it flew above the line swirling
it's the beauty of the cloud relaxing.

Oh blank sensation catches the heart
forgetting all the borders as it flows in;
looking at a whitish omniscient view
to the last breathe it fairly show.

The tremulous coagulation deepened
within the lines of inclining hyacinth;
Twas as if a flow engraving within
while the flesh hilt to a hype while singing.
The cradling sinews wind a beaching
hurled sea-hair white caps splicing;
As it ran the roadside in swimming line,
it's perturbed beauty engraved a dime.

Oh blank sensation catches my eyes
As I see that beauty underneath the lies;
It catches worm beyond my fleshy reach
one by one it clutches as I had my pitch!


Choked Breathe in Peace 

As I ran miles of unbreathable sleep
Carrying on shoulder a horrible load;
While the wind comforted my weary,
Little that it took to breath a mercy.
The skinny pathway looped a tear
Cracked by little passage a way out;
The smell was terribly demurred
And the trees surrendered and vowed;
As the ground slipped a gawky flip.

As I winch frightful pain underneath
My lungs hurdled a garbled air out;
My skin eloped a swirling muse of mess
And the sticky fungus gush out a split.
Amazingly I wonder a careful thought:
Is it an eternal way to pierce swaddling piece
As if a myrtle comes to perforate a seize?
Though weary as I shouldn’t be,
A choked breathe woke me up in peace.