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An Libro ni Mormon.pdf An Libro ni Mormon.pdf
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An Doktrina asin Mga Tipan.pdf An Doktrina asin Mga Tipan.pdf
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Readers' Comments:

Poem: 1753591 - God of My Soul, Lord of My Heart
Comment: NICE POEM, i wish i could write more poems like this. -David Gerardino

Poem: 1752786 - I Am A Citizen Of The World
Comment: ......and there were no boundaries upon the earth. Great poem! - Egal Bohen

Poem: 1771968 - A Blue Angel
Comment: I love the line- 'A friend, yes am I to her from afar', I know how that feels! Lovely use of language and some flourishes of internal rhyme. Superb.  - Daniel Tyler

Poem: 1763803 - Love Me A Bit
Comment: love it....a lot! ! ! - Sally Clarke

Poem: 1767736 - Poetry...?
Comment: Nice! There is one word usage I'm not familiar with...'chimerical'. 'It's a 'chemical avenue of pain and joy'? I don't know. However, 'Poetry...? ' is good. - Lawrence S. Pertillar

Poem: 1767713 - Man, I'm Asking Why?
Comment: This is an intriguing piece of work you have written. Why is always a question, isn't it? It seems never to be answered AND if it was then how would one respond? There is no period (dot) to satisfy that curiousity that will always bring us back to wonder...why? And THEN for whay reason? 'Man, I'm Asking Why? '...Not? - Lawrence S. Pertillar

Poem: 1753683 - Eyemoon
Comment: This amazing and mystical...I love it! ! It's now on my Favourites list . Thank you for sharing. Best wishes! - Sally Clarke

Poem: 1753246 - The Poor Among The Rich
Comment: GREAT poem, very deep and honest. - David Gerardino